SAP MM Certification Questinons 1

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP MM Certification Questinons 1

Questions (TRUE or FALSE)
(Answers at end of this post)

1. Invoices can be released on item and header level?

2. On a Purchase Order with more than one line item, the different items can have prices (Gross price condition) that are on DIFFERENT currencies?

3. Public holidays are specified in the Factory calendar that are link to a specific Purchase Organization?

4. A “Material number template” can be set per MATERIAL TYPE?

5. The Quantity & Value update in the material type configuration can be set per Plant?

6. Number ranges for Vendor Masters (set at Account Group) must be either Internal or External – it can not be both?

7. Screen Sequence (which identifies the screen sequence for the display of the header details in the evaluation of the planning run) is set on lot size?

8. Purchase Organization + Purchasing Groups = Purchasing Area?

9. The validity period (start / end) can be entered in a Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition on header level?

10. Transaction “Create PO, Vendor unknown” can be used to create Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions?

11. With availability check – the current unrestricted stock can not be excluded from the calculation?

12. “Regular Vendor” (used in Info Records) is activated per Purchase Organization?

13. “Freezing of Book inventory” as used in Physical Inventory is only allowed if activated on Plant / S.Loc level?

14. If the posting Block was set for Physical Inventory document – you will not be able to process material movements until the difference is posted?

15. For invoice verification, a default tax code can be set up per company code?

16. When creating Contracts – a Purchase Organization must be specified?

17. One step Transfer postings can done between plants if the plants belong to different company codes?

18. In external service management a service entry sheet is the same as a goods receipt?

19. If the “Source List” selection is set in the material master then you must maintain a source list for the material?

20. If the “Quota Arrangement” option is set in a material master then you must maintain a quota arrangement for the material?

21. For valuation, a plant is assigned a chart of accounts?

22. For a Framework requisition (type FO) the validity dates are entered on header level?

23. MRP Area is a grouping of PLANTS?

24. MRP can create reservations?

25. Exchange rates can be changed during invoice verification (ref to PO) but it must be done before the PO number is typed in?

26. Manual postings to stock (GL) accounts can only be made if the current stock quantity is zero?

27. A material type can be configured to “allow pipeline” or “pipeline mandatory”?

28. Goods receipt to “GR block stock” for valuated material will create a material document?

29. Only one plant / storage location can be used in one Physical Inventory document?

30. Consignment info records can only be created in the currency of the company?

31. The same material (for a specific plant) can be set up for either batch management or split valuation – not both?

32. For MRP to create stock transport requisitions (PR with item category U) a source list must be set up?

33. When creating a Purchase Requisition for a material the price in the PR is from the material master?

34. Source lists can be created for a material group?

35. Planned delivery costs is specified in pricing conditions and can not be changed during invoicing?

36. Field selection can be linked to release indicator (status)?

37. Returnable transport packaging stocks are never valued?

38. Consignment stock can be receipted in block stock?

39. Stock can only go negative if the material is valued as standard price, not moving average price?

40. Reservations that are flagged for deletion can be un-deleted by simply removing the flag?

41. Purchase requisitions that are flagged for deletion can be un-deleted by simply removing the flag?

42. Requirements date on a reservation is specified on header level?

43. If the “Shelf live expiration date” (SLED) is set in the material master but not in the Purchase Order then it will not be checked during Goods Receipt?

44. End User training takes place during the “Go-Live and Support” phase of a project?

45. SAP Solution Manager provides the methodology through 3 roadmaps – Implementation, Solution Management & Global?

46. A Parked invoice is visible in the PO History?

47. A “Hold document” (invoice) is only visible in PO History if the balance is zero?

48. Automatic Invoice reduction can take place if the vendor specific tolerance is set up. Invoice reduction can only take place for positive differences and not for negative diverences?

49. Subsequent debit / credit will not post to GR/IR account?

50. Unplanned delivery costs will always post either to stock or consumption account?

51. The duplicate invoice check is activated on company code level?

52. Account assignment U can be used in PR and contract but not in Purchase Orders?

53. The same Valuation Grouping code can be linked to multiple plants belonging to different company codes?

54. Configuration takes place during the realization phase?

55. The project definition activity takes place in “Blueprint” phase?

56. For missing parts check to function, the availability checking must be activated for a material?

57. A message schema contains message types?

58. A Quote can be accepted or rejected?

59. In the material type configuration a setting is available to indicate if the material can be managed as consignment stock?

60. Reservations from production are called manual reservations?


1. FALSE – only on header

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

2. TRUE –Although the overall PO is only in one currency (specified on header) – individual items can have prices in different currencies.

3. FALSE — Factory calendar is link to Plant

4. FALSE – It is set for the system


6. FALSE – it can be both

7. FALSE – on MRP type


9. FALSE – only in a PO

10. TRUE

11. TRUE — only other stock types can be included/excluded, such as Block stock, QI stock, safety stock, ….

12. FALSE – per plant

13. TRUE

14. FALSE – until the count is entered (not posted)

15. TRUE

16. TRUE (on header level)

17. TRUE – it is known as a inter company transfer

18. TRUE – service entry sheet + acceptance is the same as goods receipt (movement type 101)

19. TRUE

20. FALSE – for quota arrangements the tick on material master only activates the functionality but the use is optional

21. FALSE – the chart of accounts is linked to the company code

22. FALSE – there is a FO type for purchase requisitions but no place to enter validity period. It is normally entered as free text in one of the long text fields

23. FALSE – grouping of Plant + Storage Location

24. FALSE – only planned orders, PR and delivery schedules

25. TRUE

26. FALSE – no manual postings can be made to stock accounts

27. TRUE

28. TRUE – but not an accounting document

29. TRUE – data is on header level


31. TRUE

32. TRUE – to specify the supplying plant

33. TRUE –

34. FALSE – for a material (for a specific plant)

35. FALSE – it is conditions but it can be changed during invoicing (if variances are allowed)

36. TRUE – to indicate what fields in the document is display / mandatory / etc..

37. TRUE – only managed on quatity

38. TRUE – all the normal stock types are valid for consignment stock (QI, unrestricted , QI)

39. FALSE –moving average or standard

40. FALSE – flagged for deletion can not be reversed

41. TRUE

42. FALSE – item level. The Base date is on header level

43. FALSE – it can EITHER be set in PO or material master

44. FALSE – according to ASAP it takes place in the “Final Preparation” phase

45. TRUE —

46. TRUE

47. FALSE – hold invoice not visible in PO history

48. TRUE

49. FALSE — answer corrected by suu

If the quantity of the subsequent debit/credit is larger than the quantity delivered, the system distributes the relevant amount proportionally. The part of the subsequent debit/credit that does not have a goods receipt is posted to the GR/IR clearing account. The remaining amount is posted to the stock account – or in the case of standard price control or insufficient stock coverage – to a price difference account.
50. FALSE – in config it can be set up to post to another GL account

51. FASLE – indicator in vendor master

52. FALSE – it can be used in some PO’s example: blanket PO, services (item cat D)

53. TRUE

54. TRUE

55. FASLE – “Project Preparation”

56. TRUE – it makes use of availability checking

57. TRUE (Used to print documents)

58. FALSE – only rejected (rejection indicator)

59. FALSE —

60. FALSE – manual reservation are those being created from MM

SAP MM Certification Questinons 1

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

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