SAP BW Certification Exam

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP BW Certification Exam

In certification 3 hrs is very sufficient and more time we will spend for understanding questions than writing answers.

1) Project Implementation (4 Questions):

1. What are the activities will be done during Realisation Phase.

a. BW Dev system Installation will be done during this period.
True or False

b. Basis help is highly required during this phase.
True or false.

Like this 5 choice below each questions and each choice carries mark as we have to speciy true or false.

2. In which Phase Data source will be determined.

a. During Realisation phase all team memebers will be discussing abt the datasource that need to be used to fit the Requiremnet. (True or False).

b. Same question asked as Design Phase.

(II). Data Modelling (8 Questions):

SAP Data Modelling Book is sufficient for this.
Nothing reqd more than that.

1. To which kind of Data Target compression is done.
(this Q has one answer).

2. What are the ways to improve data Loading performance.

a. Line item Dimension
b. Creating Indexes to ODS.
c. Adding a primary key to ODS
d. Fact table smaller than dimension table
e. Dimension Table smaller than fact table.

In this part all the questions were bit confusing. Each question we have to read twice and answer.
Here Lot of scenarios given and asking how we will design. Whether as ODS, Infoobject and Cube, Navigational attr.

(III) Warehouse Management. (24 Questions)

Very Easy. All the questions are very straight forward. Basic BW questions.

1. What are the data traget that can be used for a Multi providers.

Give five choices we have to choose the correct ones.

2. Aggregates can be done for ODS?

True or false.

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

(IV) Reporting: (24 Questions)]

Here also questions are easy. More questions on style sheets.

1. What is the extension for saving style sheets.

a. .CSS ext
b. .TXT ext

Like this 5 choices were Given.

2. What are the functions in Reporting Agent?

a. Printing
b. Saving workbooks.

Also some questions on Workbooks.

In reporting they gave some scenarios and we have to choose which option is correct for creating reports.
Like, we have to create as Restricted Key fig or Cal Key Gig or as Replacement Path variable. Forgot the scenarios. Each questions are like a paragraph so it was tough to remember questions.

(V) Extractions.

Here I had one question from LO and 1 question from CO-PA and 0 questions from LIS. More questions on Generic extractor, Delta type and more questions on S-API.

1. Will S-API sends delta records to BW.

True or False.

2. S-API needs to be installed in both BW and R/3 System?

5 choices we have to choose it.

3. In CO-PA when we create a datasources which is created automatically.

a. One table and 2 structures.
b. Two table and two structure.
c. Two tale and one structure.

Like this 5 choces. We have to think and write but they are easy.

(VI). Authorisation.

All the four quesions are with Scenarios.

1. Is the Authorisation S_RS_COMP sufficient for an User to create Reports.

5 choices and every choices carries marks. Just like Project implementation.

2. What are the authorisation need to be given for a Key Users.

I hope this will give some idea. I am posting this so any one can make use of it.

All the Best. It will be very easy be cool and relaxed.


My SAP BW Certification Experience – The exam contains 80 questions and the time allotted for this 3 hours.

Time duration is more than enough for 80 questions. The only thing you should have is Patience because you really get tired after reading all this questions and the respective 5 options for each question and that too confusing ones. I really got impatient when I was nearing 64, 65th question. And I think this is the reason I did very badly in my last section (Data Modeling). Data Modeling was one of the topics, which I was fully confident of scoring well but to my surprise I got the lowest marks. I finished my exam in 2:10hours. I would say that you use all the time allotted to you and go through all the questions again.

I got 73% (I know it is not a good score but at the end of the day I am happy that I got it.)

The exam is divided in to 6 sections. The first section is Extraction and in this section you have 16 questions. Majority of the questions are based on Delta, I would say like 85% of this section is on delta. The questions I remember are: what is the architecture of delta? What is the concept behind Early Delta initialization? What was the problem with LIS? Data connect is related to…………?.

The most surprising part was that they didn’t ask me any questions on FI/CO, COPA AND FI-SL. So make sure that you have read everything in connection to Delta.

The Second section is based on Reporting and this section contains the maximum number of question compared to other sections. The total numbers of questions in this section are 26. It test your knowledge completely on BEx tool. The note in BW CLASS INPUT FOR REORTING is really excellent. Make sure that you also go through REPORTING MADE EASY GUIDE. You don’t have to go through all 500 pages. Just read chapters 3,4,6,7 and 8. It just takes 2 days to read these chapters in detail. When you read these guide try to work on the system as much as possible and build as many queries as possible. This will help you in remembering the concepts. Working on the system is really necessary because there are so many things which you can realize only when you build query. This will help you a lot when answering the question on reporting.

REPORTING MADE EASY GUIDE is based on BW 2.0B. But chapters 3, 4, 6, and 7 does not have as many changes compare to BW 3.0B. You will have to read some extra documents for chapter 8 (Reporting Agent) because it only covers Exceptions and Printing. You have to read some papers on CRYSTAL REPORTING, WEB TEMPLATE AND BOOKMARKS. Also, I followed all the point in BW CLASS INPUT for WAD and started working on the system.

The 3rd section is WARE HOUSE MANAGEMENT. This section contains 20 question. I was asked some questions on Document Integration and XML files.

The 4th section is Project. There are only 4 questions in this section and I think that u should not miss a single scoring
opportunity this section. The questions in these sections were like what steps are taken after a Blueprint? What all you do in analysis? How important the end users are while defining a data model.

The 5th section is Authorization. There are only 4 questions in this section and even in this section you should not miss a single scoring opportunity this section.

The last section is SAP BW Data Modeling. It contains 10 questions. Make sure that your concepts are clear for attributes, hierarchy and aggregates. I remember one question: what is the difference between star schema and classic schema model. Question on hierarchy were really confusing.

This was my experience giving the exam. At the end of the exam even I was not sure whether I will make it or lose it.

SAP BW Certification Exam

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

SAP PI Interview Questions and SAP PI Tutorials

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